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Jenna Attison's career as a singer / songwriter started when she met Sara K, who actually inspired her to pick up her talents and use it to reach out for people.....

Shortly after that she got help from a music production company called Vanmerloot Music Pros, who helped her out with the whole procedure of writing, arranging and recording her debute album. Through this process Jenna had the opportunity to get to know a lot of great musicians within the network of the production company: Walter Latupeirissa (bassplayer for Snowy White), John Bundrick (keyboard player of The Who), Jan van Oort (Jan van Oort Band), Stef Burns (guitarplayer for Huey Lewis & The News and Vasco Rossi) and Snowy White (Roger Waters).

After several try out concerts and recording session, she found her music buddies in Dami Corlazzoli (electric & acoustic solo guitars) and Juan van Emmerloot (percussion & acoustic guitar). Juan van Emmerloot, better known as the drummer who plays on tours with artists like Snowy White, Popa Chubby, Walter Trout and Steve Lukather, is a co-writer/producer and in this band he plays mainly acoustic rhythm guitar and some percussion.
Dami Corlazzoli is a fabulous young well talented guitarplayer who has a great feel, a marvelous sound and overwelming tone! He's responsible for all solo parts on acoustic as well as electric guitars.

Although their repertoire originates from a typical singer / songwriter style, as a trio they really ROCK with great dynamics!

Jenna about their debute album "Better Days": "For this production I had in mind to get as close as possible to my orginal way of writing songs....acoustic guitars, harmony, a warm atmosphere and honest feelings. I am so glad that both Juan and Dami understand what is means to give and take...... ......this way we created our unique live sound......

Jenna just took the chance to sign a deal with a reliable partner that truly believes in her music: "Whitez÷ne", who is also looking for a longterm relationship with Jenna Attison......

The concerts of Jenna Attison and her 2 guitar players, take place at theaters, music clubs and open air festivals; their show is an absolute treat for the ears and eyes!


Jenna Attison - leadvocals
Dami Corlazzoli - acoustic & electric guitar
Juan van Emmerloot - acoustic guitar / percussion / backing vocals

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